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How do you wash your jacuzzi ?

Several actions are necessary for the maintenance of a spa. In particular the check and correction of PH of the water to avoid the proliferation of microorganisms. Concerning the equipment itself, cleaning actions are simple to perform.

Keep a healthy water over weeks

To keep a healthy water, it is necessary to verify its PH every week by means of a sample taken in 45 cms depth. The PH must be situated between 7 and 7,4. If it does not, you will rectify it thanks to chemicals, which you will add to the water. These products are for sale at all manufacturers and spas vendors. This operation has to take place every week even if you do not use your spa and as long as you will not have emptied it. One or two times a week, you will owe so added to the water : an anti-scale product, an anti-foaming and anti-algae product.


It is necessary to clean the hull and the cover with clean water, with a cloth, a sponge and a water jet, but without detergent product. Also empty the spa to make a cleaning of its inner walls. Finally, verify the functioning of the system of filtration and change the filter so regularly as prescribed to you by your dealer or appliance manufacturer (on the instructions for use). The disinfection of the water is also very important. For this, use pebbles of chlorine or bromine. It is enough to place the tablet in a diffuser floating that you will let act several days. Favor the bromine because it is more effective and its smell is less unpleasant.

Every 3 months,

It will be necessary to you to make a change from the spa water. Either flow or through a pump. If your spa is a portable spa then proceed by flow ; it's easier because simply unscrew the drain plug and fix the pipe that is provided with the spa. For spas recessed or semi-recessed, you have an electric pump.

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