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The contraindications for a spa session in some people

If the benefits of a jacuzzi spa session are well established, be careful. Taking a hot tub may be one of the contraindications for some people. Or at the very least, should be carefully taken before diving in water between 33 ° and 40 °.

People with heart disease: The high heat in a spa has a vasodilator effect which increases the flow of blood circulation. Even moderately, the heart rate quickens and blood pressure drops. This can have negative effects on people with heart problems.

People with little muscle: It is essential to adapt the strength of the jets to the body type of the person using a spa. Otherwise, the risk of causing tissue trauma.

Young children: for the reason mentioned above, it is not recommended to have a young child take a spa. The high water temperature is another. Since infants are not yet able to regulate their body temperature properly, they can quickly develop hyperthermia, causing drowsiness or fainting.
Pregnant women: The heat of the water can cause contractions, especially in late pregnancy. The use of hydromassage jets is also not recommended, logically on the stomach area. People with fragile health: blood circulation disorders, diabetes, kidney problems, epilepsy, hypertension, hypotension… are all pathologies for which a spa session may be contraindicated. If in doubt, it is essential that you talk to your doctor beforehand.


In any case, a session should not exceed 30 minutes. Benefits and contraindications: you now have all the information you need to fully enjoy your spa!


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