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The outdoor wooden Jacuzzi

Do you want relaxation, relaxation and aesthetics at the same time? The solution: an outdoor wooden jacuzzi. You've probably seen it at a hot tub sale? Or on the net? Indeed, you will find all this in the outdoor wooden jacuzzi, in addition you will enjoy the natural and the authentic. It is a comfortable product and also a decoration.

Outdoor wooden jacuzzi: existing models

There are three main types of wooden Jacuzzi: a Jacuzzi with only wooden cladding, a totally wooden Jacuzzi (the cladding and interior) and an all-wood Jacuzzi which operates on a wood stove.

For the wood-clad Jacuzzi, only the exterior is wood but the inner shell is, like all other Jacuzzis, acrylic, the most comfortable of these three.

For the jacuzzi, which is made entirely of wood, the tub and the covering are made of wood. In order for wood to last longer, it should be protected from bad weather by sheltering or covering it, and treating it regularly, although it is quite complex. It's less comfortable than a wood-clad hot tub, but proper maintenance will do the trick.

Finally, the wooden jacuzzi that works with a wood stove, often called Nordic baths or hot tubs, is a little different, because it does not require an electrical connection. Its water heating system works on the principle of convection. When the water is cold, it goes to the coils, and the hot water rises and goes into the tub, because a wood stove is submerged in the jacuzzi.

For these three jucuzzi tubs, you are free to choose the size of the tub, even the jacuzzi, on the massage options, such as hydromassages, whirlpools or swimming against the current. You can also find them as a kit and install it yourself, you can also order them and the experts will build them for you according to your preferences. You also have the choice to hire them to install your favorite jacuzzi.

Where to install it?

For your safety, it is essential to install it on solid, concrete ground. Note that the weight of a jacuzzi can reach two tons, so the ground must absolutely be stable, then this will prevent the wood from rotting.


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